Our Story

The Reason I started Copper Finance


Growing up as a child in Mumbai, India, Mum took care of my younger brother and me; life was pretty good. My Dad provided the family with all the comforts he could but he did it in a very practical and intelligent way.  


My father was the bread winner, he was very keen on budgeting and looking for bargains. I still remember him always getting the best deal when it came to buying groceries, household goods and booking holidays. This was not because he was tight with his money but because he knew the value of it and had worked very hard for it.


When I joined the workforce it became very clear to me that we all work very hard to make a living and we should spend our money wisely just like my Dad did.


These are the values that I bring to Copper Finance and one of the reasons why I started this business.


At Copper Finance, my goal is to help my clients achieve their dream of purchasing or refinancing their home and making the most of their hard earned cash.


I do this by understanding their goals and then use my expertise to choose the most suitable product for them. I achieve this by comparing hundreds of different home loan products which are available through our panel of lenders. This not only helps me get the best value for my clients; it also gives me immense satisfaction as it’s something my Dad would also do.


Another reason I started Copper Finance was for job satisfaction - one of the most fulfilling things one can have. I am very fortunate that I am able to achieve that every day by helping my clients and putting a smile on their face.


My profession also provides me with flexible work hours, which lets me to spend quality time with my wife and my young sons. I do hope I can pass on the same knowledge to my sons as my father did to me which has helped me achieve my goals and made me a better person.


So if you are looking to purchase a new home or refinance a current property and need expert advice, please call me on 0487 344 352 or send me an email vinaygehi@copperfinance.com.au.



- Vinay Gehi 

  Founder & Director

 Copper Finance