How do lenders assess home loan applications?

In order to decide whether or not to provide you with a loan, lenders will generally assess you against five qualities.

1. Your ability to repay the loan.

To establish your capacity the lender will look at your employment history and salary to evaluate whether you have enough cash coming in reliably to pay the loan over time.

2. How much cash you have up front.

Assessing your ability to put down a percentage of the value of the property being purchase up front is standard. The percentages vary though, and specialist lenders may approve a five per cent deposit.

3. The property appraisal price.

Since the property is used as collateral if you are unable to repay the loan, the lender will value the property. Based on the report, the lender will decide whether the property is worth the loan being approved.

4. Your financial history.

Your credit rating, expenses and debts will help the lender assess your character as a borrower and whether you are worth the risk.

5. Market conditions.

Economic circumstances in the market can influence what interest rate you have access to and whether you need to provide extra security. They can also influence the repayment schedule.

The Advantage of using our services.

While loan officers work solely for a lending institution and can only offer that institutions products, we are able to shop around for you.

We choose the right products, and can negotiate the lowest rate on your behalf, which is why half of borrowers today turn to trusted finance brokers when it comes to finding a home loan.

Speak to us today to help tailor your application to the lender and product that best suits you. Please feel free to call us on 0487 344 352 to book a free no obligation consultation.

Disclaimer: The Information is general in nature and does not take into account your particular investment objectives or financial situation. It does not constitute, and should not be relied on as, financial or investment advice or recommendations (expressed or implied) and is not an invitation to take up securities or other financial products or services. No decision should be made on the basis of the information without first seeking expert financial advice. Your full financial needs and requirements would need to be assessed prior to any offer or acceptance of a loan product. Subject to lenders terms and conditions, fees and charges and eligibility criteria apply.

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